Ian Federgreen.                                      actor. comedian. swell guy.

    Ian Federgreen began his career at the age of six with an illuminating turn as The Troll in The Three Billy Goats Gruff. A method actor even then, he lived under a bridge for three weeks to prepare for the role.
    He was introduced to musical theater in his early teens, appearing in classics like My Fair Lady and West Side Story. And less-classics, like Runaways, and Big -The Musical. He continued to live under a bridge, though now it was mostly out of habit.
He began performing stand up comedy in New York while also studying at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts- the training ground for such luminaries as Lauren Bacall and Jackass. (Johnny Knoxville- seriously...).
Not content with one useless degree, he went on to earn a BA in American Studies from the University of Maryland. So he'd always have something to fall back on. Ian continued performing even with strenuous classes like "Detective Films" and "Sexuality in the Cinema," appearing in works by Neil Simon and Chris Durang. The D.C. Improv voted him one of D.C.'s Funniest College Comics.
    Returning to New York, Ian landed his first TV role (on AMC's Datenight), and appeared at major comedy clubs around town (plus a variety of bars and one sushi restaurant which later became the delicious Bleeker Street Pizza. Try the Nonna Maria slice- you're welcome.)
    Ian moved to LA by popular demand (of those in New York). He continues to appear in theater (Urinetown, City of Angels), plus various sketches and short films, including the viral sensation How To Be A Good Kisser.
    He continues to perform as a comedian, in addition to improvising with the award-winning group Monkey Butler.